new pricing of whmcs

WHMCS New Pricing is licensed under a tiered licensing structure. Tiers are denoted by the maximum number of permitted active clients. An active client is determined by the software and is defined as any client with at least one active product, service, addon or domain, or, in other words, a client which is being managed/billed using the software.

Review and Rating Effected WHMCS on all platform include trustploit.

People are very angary on new pricing of whmcs which hurts everyone again after cPanel Changing Pricing, Now WHMCS do same in such condition it’s also consider whmcs do scam with whose who purchased life time whmcs license in 2014 or before!

New WHMCS Pricing

WHMCS is licensed on a monthly basis using a simple, tiered licensing structure. New whmcs pricing is
designed to reflect the value received by you and your business from the product. Licenses are
based on the number of active clients managed using the software.

Tier Number of clients Monthly Price
Plus Up to 250 clients $18.95/mo.
Professional Up to 500 clients $29.95/mo.
Business 1,000 Up to 1,000 clients $44.95/mo.
Business 2,500 Up to 2,500 clients $99.95/mo.
Business 5,000 Up to 5,000 clients $174.95/mo.
Business 10,000 Up to 10,000 clients $299.95/mo.
Business 50,000 Up to 50,000 clients $849.95/mo.
Business 100,000 Up to 100,000 clients $999.95/mo.
Business Unlimited $1,299.95/mo.

What license do I need?

There are two determining factors in the type of license that will best fit your needs. First is the total number of clients you have presently, or expect to immediately add/manage through WHMCS. The second factor to consider is whether or not you, want access to our Business License support, including, Live Chat Technical Support and the ability to upgrade tickets to Priority Support. Priority Support is a ticket fast-track service. Priority tickets receive an initial response time of under 60 minutes and prioritized follow-ups through to resolution. This is available during core business hours for an additional per-ticket fee.

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