Choosing a choice is not easy. Depending on the many extensive tests that have been performed, but one important part of it is up to you – the user. Everyone has different requirements when it comes to Virtual Private Network (VPN) service ( read our VPN guide here ) and as it doesn’t, it’s not easy to say that everything is the best.

In general, although having encountered many VPN cases I have found that there are some big names that come up again and are very high in all the major categories. These include secrets and signs, speed and stability, customer service, technical details and of course the extras and pricing options.

Quick Comparison and Review of VPN Plans (Updated October 2019)

For virtually all categories, there are three VPN providers that you should look for in 2019.

Best priceThe PresEncodingServersNetflix supportP2P supportDevices
THE VPN$ Free256-bit800 +Unlimited
ExpressVPN$ 8.32 / mo256-bit2,000 +3
NordVPN$ 3.49 / mo256-bit5,000 +6
Accusatory$ 6.95 / mo256-bit3,000 +5
Fastest video$ 0.83 / mo256-bitRelatively10
Private IE$ 2.91 / mo256-bit3,000 +Relatively5
Hotspot S.W.$ 2.99 / mo256-bit2,000 +RelativelyUnknown5
Pure VPN$ 2.87 / mo256-bit2,000 +Relatively5
VyprVPN$ 5.00 / mo256-bit700 +Relatively3
IPVanish$ 3.70 / mo256-bit1,100 +Relatively10