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Bash Command Not Found, Common Reasons and Solutions

Most of the time in Linux OS we run commands and programs by typing the commands in the Terminal program. However, sometimes when we run the command, we receive an error “bash :command not found”. There can be many reasons for receiving this error. Sometimes, with the minimal installation of OS, we do not see …

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The Best Android Apps For Ethical Hacking


Just like our computer programs, there are so many Android applications used for many different tasks, and here we will discuss the best Android applications meant to do Penetration Testing or Ethical Hacking. The best Android apps below were chosen by comparing users’ experience, and my personal experience with the apps (I use most of …

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Top 10 Browser Extensions For Ethical Hackers


Today we will discuss the browser extensions that every ethical hacker should use to make its life and hacking a lot easier than before, and we will be talking about the best among them and the purpose of each of them. Some of these extensions will be Chrome-based only, others will be Firefox-based only and …

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How To Change The Root Password In WHM

The root password is the key to full control over your server, and it’s essential that it remains secure. At some point, nearly every server administrator will need to change the root password, either to revoke access to previously authorized individuals or due to internal password policy. Additionally, the server’s root password should be changed …

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How To Install Ssl Hostname Whm Cpanel

The Let’s Encrypt allows you to install AutoSSL for the hostname. In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Let’s Encrypt SSL to the hostname. Here are the steps to install the same on the hostname. Install Let’s Encrypt Auto SSL Provider. Run the following command to install Let’s Encrypt provider. /scripts/install_lets_encrypt_autossl_provider Once …

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Install CPanel WHM On CentOS 7


cPanel & WHM is the most popular and most widely used Linux based web hosting control panel that offers a graphical user interface to manage and host multiple websites on a single server. WHM is also known as a WebHost Manager provides an administrator and reseller level access to manage server administration and account management …

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WHMCS Lifetime License 2020

Free whmcs licence

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