OTP One Time Password Can’t Save You From Hackers

What Is OTP

OTP  means one-time password which is automatically generated and is usually valid for login sessions like Facebook, Instagram or for banking transactions. It is a secure way to log in and protects your account for instance if anyone got your Facebooks password if there is two-factor authentication enabled he can’t log in to your account unless a valid OTP is entered.

Can OTP Protect You From Hacking

No! Here we will tell you why otp is not enough for security that’s why we focus on your self-security, because once you aware about hacking tricks so it will help you identify to stats
The OTP can’t make you 100% secure from hackers. There are many ways in which a hacker can bypass OTP. Some of them are explained below: –

SS7 Flaw: –
SS7 Flaw is an attack in which the hacker stoles data because of the weakness in the architecture of SS7. It is usually used by network operators and if the hacker is able to execute the attack, he/she can steal any message and that message can be your OTP.

Android Hacking:-
If your phone is vulnerable to a hacker, he can easily steal all your messages including OTP, not even messages he can do anything with your phone like call tracking, open your camera, open your microphone, GPS location, steal all your data and can hack all your social media accounts.

By generating disposal or virtual numbers: –
By generating a copy of your number it becomes very easy to identify your OTP which means here also OTP is not as secure as you think.

Phishing: –
And the last but not least one is phishing. By some social engineering, the hacker can try to hack you and get that otp like for example, you will get a call saying that we noticed some suspicious activity on your bank account and we need to verify the real owner so we sent an otp to your number you need to confirm that.

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