KernelCare is one of the best world’s finest defenders of the Linux kernels, which puts an end to rebooting servers. Is a fully paid extension. Moreover, it can automatically update your system’s Linux® kernel without the need for a reboot. The kernel is considered the central module of the operating system. KernelCare Cheap License is the main part of the operating system that usually loads first, and it remains in the main memory. That’s why the kernel must be as small as possible while still providing all the compulsory services required by other parts of the operating system and applications.

Furthermore,it is responsible for memory management, processes, task management, and risk management. By installing the best and the latest kernel update along with kernel security patches, you will be able to avoid or minimize all the potential issues. While keeping your kernel updated usually will take many hours. In addition to server downtime, the kernel can cause stress for system admins and even clients alike.

After applying the kernel updates and patches, the server has to be rebooted. Such reboots commonly have to be done during off-peak hours. This stress is never welcome at all but avoiding server reboots altogether can easily create a plethora of issues and security concerns. With the help of KernelCare installed on your server, security updates are applied automatically after every four hours on a running server without downtime. This will completely remove the need to reboot the server after making the updates.

However, It works in both, the live and staging environments, and for the servers located behind the firewall, there is a portal to help you to manage it. To avoid having to coordinate the server reboots with your system users and the customers. This amazing extension protects Linux servers against critical security flaws and vulnerabilities. It commonly installs kernel updates on the fly without rebooting the server.

KernelCare also gives you the following benefits:

  • Checking for the updates after every four hours
  • Much supportive for the manual or automatic updates
  • Always displays the server uptime
  • Faster release of the patches for new vulnerabilities in the supported kernels
  • Allow you the rollback capability without rebooting with a single command
  • Usually, updates take the nanoseconds
  • You can install it with a single line of code and takes just minutes to be up-to-date.
  • Keep your servers always on
  • It will never miss a critical patch

Install kernalcare:

To install it on your device you have to must disable the Secure Boot if you have enabled Secure Boot previously on your device.

Check for the compatible kernels:

Before you buy and install, you have to make sure that your system possesses a compatible kernel.