Know How Your Jkbank Ebanking Account Can Be Hacked & Someone Transferred Your Money.

Hi, This is Shahid Malla Founder of Hackers Third Eye Cyber Security today I am going to share some little bit knowledge about your e-banking this will help you to secure jkbank online account and other banks too. and yes this is a free article.

We love To share our Knowlege for your Security.

First, we will Describe a few Question!

It’s Possible That My Secure Jkbank or another bank account can be Hacked?

Yes, 100% your bank account can be hacked, and it’s your responsibility to know about security that bank can’t provide you. because the bank will handle security from their side, not from your side. don’t understand? don’t take tension to let me explain to you what is your side and back side. ” Bankside means bank website, bank network, bank systems, bank algorithm is bank responsibility to secure their data network, systems, and information”  but the bank can’t secure you from hackers attack if you will make any mistake. what is your side security? ” your side means your phone, your laptop your network, your place, your using way of with your bank account.”


In This Article Hackers, Third Eye will share some basic security tips in Next Artice Inshallah we will share some advanced Security tips.

Lets Start:  

First We Need To understand Login concept in Bank!

  1. What You Have To Login For Your account and made a transition: here is mentioned for jkbank

For Jkbank Online Banking You have a Username,  login password, Transition Password, and an OTP.

For SBI Bank You need Online Login username, Password, and OTP. some time otp not required in sbi online banking.

  1. You Type your username and security code in jkbankonline login page and click on Next
  2. after that if your username is valid jkbankonline will ask your password when you type the correct password you will be entered in Jkbank online Account.

  1. Transfer or Pay online Product: we click on transfer and Select a Transfer to another account

when you enter amount account number remark

  1. it will ask for OTP and Transition Password!

after submitting everything is done!

Now during this Process how some Know Your Password in 5 minutes? process how someone got your password?

Is this is my mistake or bank Mistake?

Offcourse your Mistake.


Let See how your password got some unknown person 

Target (Method) 1

Spyware: Yes in your mobile or a computer there is spyware installed! spyware is a virus which is used to steal data from mobile and computers remotely without knowing you. this virus is a kind of trojan malware which created a backdoor connection in your phone and laptop!

Now Your Question How this Virus is installed on my phone or laptop?


Simple when you download apps or software from unknown sources where your mobile is effected virus during installing any app of software in your phone or Pc. you can’t see this virus because this virus mostly binds with other apps, like games, images, apps, execute files.

when you install any cracked software or any unknown sources app in your phone your phone or computer can be controlled 100% from anywhere in this world by hackers.

Which App is contained Virus?

Mostly You are look Paid apps for free and when you don’t get free you start searching from google where you found not only 1 app free but 1000+ apps you are seeing free apps which are basically paid. and you start Downloading without thinking because you think you are smart and you saved some money but don’t know some makes you fool.

Proof of Exploit Spyware

  1. Attacker created a virus in the same programming for android he uses java and other files and for computer attacker use c or c++ or have to write code for the virus.
  2. When Attacker Create Successfully Virus he will test it after that he will bind it with any app or any files.
  3. Attacker upload their virus file on the internet on some websites, and post as download this app and get 10000 rs daily, or Download Game Free, Download App You will Get 100GB 4g Data Free, or You Got Money in your account open this file and check now. etc some time they try to make you fool when they know what you are looking by hijacking cookies.
  4. you download the app as a free game and installed this app which u download from unknown sources may be app will work fine but what about hidden virus?.
  5. After installing App attacker will get notify on their server or site where he will handle you’re all phone or computer data.

for the computer user, I saw thousands of people from Kashmir are using cracked photoshop and office. but not aware of exploiting.

  1. Know when you are going to buy something online or transfer your money so you have to enter your login information when you start typing hacker will get automatically your secret information.


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How To be Secure From spyware Attacks?

  1. Install A Good Antivirus in your Phone or PC,
  2. Don’t install apps from unknown sources if you are android user download apps only from play store. or trusted by you if downloading from any website directly.
  3. don’t use nulled apps or cracked softer.
  4. update your antivirus and application and operating system.
  5. don’t use public computers like cyber cafe
  6.  don’t give your mobile phone to anyone keep your phone with you. even your personal photo and videos can easily be watched using virus so we recommend you also that don’t share your phone with your friends I shared then keep eye on them what they are doing with your phone.

Method 2

Jkbank concept of Phishing:

Maybe you seen on jkwebsite notify you to be aware of phishing attacks and strickly inform you don’t fall in phishing attack because this is an easy way to steal username and password.

How Does Phishing work?

when we create the same web page like another website like there is no difference in both login pages original and fake page are look same this process creating a fake page is called phishing.

Step1. Attacker Open bank Website or Facebook website in the address bar when a website will completely open in the browser, attacker when taking source code by pressing hotkey Ctrl + u or right-click in the main web page and click on the view source code.

step2. the attacker will copy all source code and save it in notepad as index.html on their desktop

step3. he will create a PHP request handler file where the user enters username and password and post it on action bottom to get username and password of the web page to save it in log files which will be created at the same server. means on the attacker website.

step 4. now attacker will upload both files index and php file on their website or any other server example he uploads this website ejkbanking .com after uploading 2 files on the server now their fishing page is ready.

Now how he can hack username and password?

  1. he will send you email and say you earned 1 lakh in your jkbank open login your bank account know to click to continue login.
  2. when you click you think that this is bank login pages in actually this is a fake page. but it looks like same as original bank page. and the attacker will get your username and password

Safety Tips :

  1.  Check Carefully URL before entering your username and or any other sensitive information.
  2. don’t click on spam mail or email from known sources,

3, the bank will never ask for otp and password though phone so never share your card details otp or password on phone or third party websites.

  1. check the SSL certificate before typing your card information on e-commerce websites’
  2. download internet antivirus.

Today we shared two basic security tips with you but don’t forget there are more 13 ways we will upload articles soon.

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