1. Keep Your Website and Plugin’s Update

The easy way is to keep your site secure update your WordPress Website Regularly base, So You will be website will be old vulnerability free .

You can see on there is regularly bugs found in Plugins, themes, and WordPress, that’s why you need to update your plugins and themes to avoid the risk of security bug. Keeping your WordPress up to date is a good practice for keeping your website secure.

2. Set Secure Password To Avoid Bruteforce Risk

Brute Force is a way to crack a password by guessing the password by script or tool, if you set easy password example admin123 on admin@123 or 12345678, this password can be cracked in 1 minute using brute force software

Chose a strong username and passwords for your admin penal, like this password: K@@shm!r++1 or 1@3$5%zZka

3. Choose a Good Hosting For Your Website

This is the best way to secure your website more secure by choosing a good hosting company who provides multiple layers of security.

It may be seen that people are trying to save their money by purchasing very cheap price hosting and the result come they lost their hard work, and their website data is erased

While there are many hosting companies out there we recommend ElySpace.com. They provide many security features, including daily malware scans and access to support 24/7, 365 days a year. And the affordable price is also reasonable.

4. Don’t Use Nulled Themes or Plugins

WP premium themes look more professional and have more customizable options than a free theme.

Here we will Directly Tell you never use Nulled Plugins and Themes because it contains virus and worms, backdoors or uploads vulnerability files. Which is hidden in theme or plugin files, so “Hackers Third Eye Recommend You Never Use Nulled Plugins or Themes and Never Download Plugin or Theme From Unknown Source”

5. Install a WordPress Security Plugin

There is a lot of Plugins Free and Paid You can choose any Security plugin for your WordPress website and keep your website secure, if you are running an e-commerce website then you need to use a paid plugin

6. Disable File Editing

  1. Go on your dashboard then click on Appearance>Editor. Another way you can find the plugin editor is by going under Plugins>Editor.

Once your site is live we recommend that you disable this feature. If any hackers gain access to your WordPress admin panel,

To disable the ability to edit plugins and the theme file, simply paste the following code in your wp-config.php file.

define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);

7. Install SSL Certificate

Don’t Take Tension Coz SSL is Free Now Offering by Let’s Encryption, to keep your website more secure by using SSL get it free from lets encryption, If You will Buy Hosting From ElySpace.com you will get free SSL

SSL is mandatory for any sites that process sensitive information, i.e. passwords, or credit card details. Without an SSL certificate, all of the data between the user’s web browser and your web server are delivered in plain text. This can be readable by hackers. The SSL will convert plain text encryption text before it is transferred between their browser and your server, making it more difficult to read and making your site more secure.

8. Change your WP-login URL

Hide your WordPress admin URL to avoid the hacking risk of your website, the best way is to use admin hide plugin simple keep the secure and easy way to install the plugin and enter your new URL. But remember your new URL. How to Change WordPress Admin URL

9. Limit Login Attempts

Click on Add plugin Search for login limit attempts and install it. After you’ve installed the plugin you can change the number of login attempts via Settings> Login Limit Attempts.


in the process.

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