How To Avoid From Facebook Hacking 

how to secure facebook

how to secure facebook

Facebook Hacking: Everyone Knows that Facebook can’t be Hack directly, Because Facebook is Secured Website and it’s not easy to hack facebook Server or crack their database. Now, how hackers can Hack your facebook? There is a lot of methods to hack facebook like keylogger, phishing, brute force, etc. Here is a new method to hack facebook called browser to inject 2018

How To Be Safe From browser inject few Points here

    1. Never Download Apps from an unknown source.
    1. Download app only from play store.
    1. Don’t share your phone access with anyone.
    1. Don’t install any application received from share it
    1. Don’t Install downloaded apps. Install the new app from play store
    1. Check URL before you visit any sensitive Website like Gmail, bank, Facebook
  1. Install antivirus in your phone

Fallow 7 points and Stay Safe.

Now Come to this exploit how mostly hackers make injectable browser.

How to someone can Hack Facebook using Browser Inject

Browser inject is an easy way to infect anyone and get their Username and password of their Facebook account.

Step 1. Make an Android Browser You can Create online from any Website like appsgeyser . Or in android studio.

Step 2. Set your phishing link in Facebook URL and set it default. At first, suggest site in a browser

Step 3. compile it.

Step 4. Send it to your victim and when he install this browser he thinks he is going to login in Facebook but he doesn’t know what actually changed in Facebook URL.

Step 5. Done it.

How can hackers send this browser anyone? They can make a fake offer like install this browser and get 5gb 5l4g free internet. Or download this app u will earn money.