How To Make Mobile Phone Secure From Hackers

How To Make Mobile Phone Secure!

This is the time of hacking and it’s important for everyone to learn security before someone enters in your Mobile Mobile And Hack your All data even otp, card details, bank details, etc

Hi, this is Shahid Malla today I will tell you how to secure your mobile phone and how someone can access your mobile phone:

What Hacker Can Do With Your Mobile Phone?

* A Hacker can download all mobile data photos, videos, contact number, location, SMS, call recording clip, Audio’s from your phone and Monitor your sensitive details like email, facebook, bank credit card, otp password.

How Hacker Can access our Phone online and how he can control our Phone?

* A Hacker or Attacker can use any exploit to find a vulnerability in your phone. and he will try different methods to access your mobile here we describe few main methods.

Here are Few Methods which   Hackers use to exploit in your phone!

Method 1

Android Rat (Remote Access Tool)

1. Android Rat. this is a type of virus which is used to access a server or transfer data from 1 server to another server. an android Rat is a Tool which is called remote access tool. It’s a kind of Trojan Virus which is used to generate backdoor server in victims phone, to create backdoor connection access.

how it’s possible? simple Hackers attach this virus with other normal files this process is called binding. this is a way to hide a virus in other files which can be image, songs, software, or any file a virus can be bind with any other app or data,

How he Can install This virus into our Phone?

Simple: You will install this virus into your phone, not an attacker coz it’s not possible for attackers to get your phone physically access so he will try to make fool victim that victim will open virus in this phone. Here are proof and example, for example, you download any app or software free from the internet which is paid and you downloaded Cracked version the who is responsible for cracked version software or app? no one so when a hacker upload virus to publish on the internet that means he must bind a virus this cracked app or software or tool, when you install this cracked or free app into your phone or mobile means virus also installed in your phone or pc this is how a Hacker install virus in your phone!

Safety: How to be Safe from this attack?

1. Never Download Cracked App or software from unknown sources.

2. Never download free apps or tools which is paid,

3. Never use public pc to log in your account or transition like cyber cafe

Can a Hacker install Rat in our phone any other way?

Yes, a Hacker can install a virus in your phone without touching your phone How? simply sometime hacker already hacked some server where your apps or software getting updates and he made change in online files in your services provider, for example, you are using video editor app and a hacker hacked their server now he made some changes and add their viruses in the execute files when you will update or install new update your mobile and pc can be hacked.

Then How To be Safe from online attacks,

1. Check update is from an official source or not,

2. check update is the announcement on their official website or not.

3. Install Antivirus always into your phone.

Method 2.

Browser Injection:

What is Browser injection? or inject browser

Browser injection is induced by Hackers Third Eye Kashmir in 2011 late test on 2013

wherein 1 test 50000 accounts email and passwords was hacked in 1 day The Concept of Browser inject is Moded Browser or New Browsers. normally Hackers are created new browser same like chrome,  opera, UC browser where hackers take advantage from suggesting menu. for example you installed new browser juccybrowser which is new in the market and you installed it in your phone after downloading this browser your phone you will go for facebook login or Gmail login but you never enter facebook .com in address bar coz you will on Facebook icon which is suggested in browser in this case when you will see facebook login page your will lost your account because you enter your username and password on another fake site which is like Facebook also called phishing page, so this is the way how hacker can hack your account by targeting you though inject browser.

Proof Inject Browser

1. Create Own Browser

2. Replace the original Facebook URL from facebook icon with Fake phishing URL

3. Complete or save your browser

4 upload your browser on the internet

5 done! when someone will download this browser attacker or browser owner will get their all username and password from a replaced area like facebook, Gmail, etc,

How To Be Safe From Browser inject

First, I want to tell you this article us written by Hackers Third Eye (Shahid Malla) who is the first creator of this browser. now see   tips

1. Don’t  Download Browser from unknown sources even Google chrome or firefox or UC etc coz anyone can make their edition in the browser and modify it. so download only from an official source.

2. Check Url first when you are going enter your username and password anywhere

3. check SSL is valid or not.  if SSL is valid then continue.

4. self-smart mean keep knowledge about phishing what is phishing.

Method 3


Keylogger: KeyLogger is a program which is used to record all key pressed on keyword this virus is called keylogger. keylogger is used by hackers to track your pressed keys to know what you entered your username, password, and other sensitive information. Once a keylogger installed in Computer it start monitoring all keys which are pressed by a computer user on their keyboard and advanced keylogger monitor also screenshot, application visit, and visit, for example, you visit on and enter your username and password hacker will know that you entered jkbank URL and visit on their login page when you type your username and password so hacker can easily find that you enter jkbank username and password and after that he will get access your bank account.

Keylogger is very powerful software which can be undetectable from antivirus, maybe your antivirus can’t scan some of the new keyloggers.

Keylogger save your data and can send your all logs to the hacker in every 2 to 5 minutes and it works in the background even you can’t see it in task manager or process bar, mostly keylogger is written in c, C++, Java programming language,

How Keylogger Send Our data from our computer to Hacker?

simple: using SMTP or FTP where hackers already set it in virus programming

Types of Keylogger

1. Hardware KeyLogger

2. Simple Software Keylogger

3. Remote Keylogger

Hardware Keylogger: is a keylogger which is basically Physical device like pen drive,

you can insert in any computer when anyone works on pc you can record her/him all work,

Simple Keylogger: a Simple Keylogger is software which one you can download and monitor your pc, in case you forget your password or you want to monitor your family logs or employee you can use this simple keylogger and use some hotkeys to hide or disable saved data. but can’t access online from anywhere.

Remote Keylogger: Mostly used by hackers to hack computers, email, bank, etc this keylogger sent all data to hackers server or email automatically once saved or captured. SMPT or ftp mostly used in Remote keylogger,

How To Be Safe From Keylogger

1. Install a Good antivirus in your computer

2. scan all download files well before install

3. update your windows daily bases,

4. don’t use your friend pen drive if not trusted,

5. don’t download games free which are paid.

6. don’t download cracked software from the internet

7. Download Programming from unknown sources.

8, Don’t Download Mobile Apps From unknown sources.

Method 4

Free Wifi in Public

Free Wifi in Public area: here is another way to hack your phone or computer by connecting free wifi. now how it’s Possible? now don’t get shocked! because it’s common sense who will give you free internet?

Now Let me explain in brief How an attacker can hack your mobile or computer data by using wifi, simple he allows you to use their free wifi that he can easily change your route by DNS spoofing or installing some malware.


1. you connect free wifi and get a subnet IP from attacker example

A 2. hacker will exchange their route with this up in network setting and set their value into example into facebook up when you log in your facebook this ip will redirect on hackers ip.

3. when you enter some information hacker will get all data..

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