Description: This is how you can increase sales of your shop in Jammu and Kashmir. In this Article, we will tell you how you can make your business more batter and grow your business faster in Kashmir. and tell you all the benefits of the new way business. This Article is for all shops no matter what you are selling in your shop. The Type of Marketing in Kashmir, The Way of Ads, The Way of Affiliate in Kashmir, The Online Store, The Way of Dealing these are very important to increase your sales of Daily Based.

Limitation Of Shop:

  • You know well that you are opening your shop around 8 am to 10 am in the morning and closing at 6 pm to 7 pm. That’s Mean Your Services is not available for 24 Hour. Your shop is Not Available For 24 hour.
  • When Costumer Found Your shop then you can show them a few products but you can not show all products. That mean customer is unable to know what extra you offer.
  • Costumer Come to Your Shop Then You Can show them your item’s products.
  • Time-Consuming When Costumer visited your shop you have to show them products one by one where he was unable to make their discussion for purchase.
  • Every Costumer Don’t know about your latest updates.

Note: Article is Provided by ElySpace Marketing Team. To help people to grow their business in a proper way.

Let’s Start How to Increase Sales:

Method 1 (Shop Website)

Description: This is The Best Method to Grow Your Business. For That, You Need a Domain Name and a Hosting To Make a website Get It From one of the trusts hosting providers in Kashmir.

Step 1. Make a good website for your shop where you can show your all products item’s and your Discounts offers.

Step 2. You Must have an easy interface and navigation for your website that user can easily know what you offer and show through your website.

Step 3. You Must have a dashboard where you can control your all orders and products.

Step 4.  Set Online Payment Gateway that user can easily pay their payment online and make further process.

Step 5. Choose Good Design for your website that interacts visitors to make purchese.

Step 6. Add Your All Products on Your Website and show some discount and add a description of the product.

Step 7. Now Start Selling Your Product or Item’s Online and Promote Your Business Through Your Website in Kashmir too

Step 8 Done. Now your shop is 24/7 open and online.

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Method 2 (Leads)

Let’s Start Method 2 to Grow your business by collecting leads and SMS.

Step 1. Start Collecting Leads of People of Your Local area and save all leads like phone number, email, name, address.

Step 2. Buy Target Leads from your local area same name with phone number.

Step 3. After Collecting all Data Save it somewhere in your pc.

Step 4. Buy Bulk SMS Services and inform or notify everyone that New item’s and the product is available at your shop with discount prices.

Step 5. Send Same Sms to all Phone Numbers so your shop will get an auto advertisement for your show so later you will see some new visitors are visiting your shop.  

Step 6. Done.

If You Need any Help in this process so contact our team.

Method 3 (Affiliate)

Description: The  Affiliate Program is very important to every shop owner who wants to increase sales and earning.

Affiliate is something like when someone sends to your shop any client. Means when someone refers any customer to your business and get a commission like 5 % or 10% or depend on you how much you will pay for every customer. So when others get profit from you so definitely they will start promoting your business. Note: if he is your friend and you should also give him the commission even he refused to accept but anyway you should give him the profit if he is sending your clients.

Part 1 For Affiliate: Website

Step 1. You need To add Affiliate program on your website which will automatically handle all affiliates function.

Step 2. Set affiliate commission for every purchese. When someone refers your website to someone for buying something so you must set profit for who refers a client to you through an affiliate program.

Step 3. The Refer Link Must be unique for every affiliate joiner and the viewer.

Step 4. The Affiliate User Must have a Dashboard Where he can Know their Statis.

Step 5. Done.

Part 2 For Affiliate. Offline

Step 1. Here some Agents Who will refer all clients to your shop and you should give them some project.

Step 2. Tell Your Agents Give Good Review For Our shop in Public Place.

Step 3. Tell Your Agents That You Want to Make a Network Group Who will Make Purchase from our shop and invites others.

Method 4 (SEO Search Engine Optimization)

Description: Seo is used to getting rank your website in Google and other engines.  Which will help you to increase your sale by what people are looking for purchase?

Step 1. Hire any Good SEO Expert and tell them area and keywords or niches. We Suggest you same Hire for your work.

Step 2. Share Your Website on All Social Networking Websites.

Step 3. Add Keywords Title and Description in the proper way on your website.

Step 4. Submit your business on Google Page by creating google business account

Step 4. Submit your Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tool.

Step 5. Done.

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