Find Real Location by Image

There are two ways to track someone’s location. We can do this by capturing the IP or we can use the raw data stored in an image.

We can do this in several ways.

Image storage is something called EXIF ​​data and metadata. With these, you can track someone, easily! First, let’s cross the difference between them.

EXIF is a subset of Metadata and is the information generated by the camera. And I think, you can’t mess with it. Unlike metadata. Metadata can be manipulated with user-generated information.

Unlike a geographic location, EXIF ​​data is always up to date! To view the metadata, it’s very simple:

download the image> check properties> details> go down and check: length and width then google map!

If you want to remove the metadata from the image, click “Remove properties and personal information” at the bottom of the Properties dialog.

If you want your images to stop re-encoding EXIF ​​data, go to settings and turn on Location Services.

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How to Find Someone’s Real Location by Image