When you are going to make your website so you must know how to optimize your website in search engine. Hi, my name is Shahid Malla and in this article, I will tell you how you can make your website SEO good.

1. Choose Your Domain Name Business Name or Site Purpose Related.
Domain names are a good way to for your SEO when your domain name is relevant, easy to remember, and incorporates the main keyword you want to rank for, that’s ideal.foe example you want to rank web hosting then you need to choose a relevant domain name like webhostingz. com if you top keyword is relevant with a domain name you will get your website fast in the search engine.

you can also use small SEO tools to select your perfect domain.

2. Select a Good Hosting Provider.
Google taking high-speed loading website first to show the result in a front page which is a ranking factor for SEO. According to Google, 50 present visitors leave the website if the website is not loaded in 3 seconds.

Choose a Good Hosting who will provide good speed and support.

3. Keyword Research.
Keyword research is a main part of SEO. When you want to get rank your website in google so need to research on keywords, example if 1000 people type a word in google “how I can make site” and no one use this keyword before that, so easily you found a keyword and you can use it and your site will get rank on this keyword without competition

Google Keyword Planner

if you are using a keyword which is hot keyword so don’t use it because for the new website is no position to use hot keywords, example buy mobile but you can use new model 2019 mobile which is not a hot keyword but buy mobile is hot keyword

4. Submit Your Sitemap to Google
A sitemap is very important to submit in google to get your website page in google, so when you are going to work on the new website, you must add your website sitemap in google webmaster tool where you can upload the sitemap.

5. Use a Mobile-Friendly Design.
Make your website completely Responsive design and easy navigation menu, you must design your website in a way that visitor can easily find what they are looking, give your visitor reason to visit your website. Many of the SEO algorithms updates Google has announced in recent years have been all about mobile.

6. Target Primary Keywords for Each Page.
Use Meta tags in every page that Google can easily find your website page which is based on relevant keywords metatags.

7. Optimize Title, Head, Description, Tags.
The title tag is very import for website SEO because google check website title and check website is based on, your title, description, meta tags, focus keywords properly,

Try to keep your title tag short – Google will only display 50-60 characters on the search engine results page and even less of the title tag will show up in the tab at the top of your browser.

8. Images Optimization.
Add Alt text and description in every image, and reduce image size by compressing images, to reduce loading time, the best way is to optimize your image is compress your images and use title also details in the proper way

9. Unique Content
your content on your website must be unique, don’t copy-paste from another website to get your website in rank, write your articles and publish it, your unique content will help you to get rank in google. and meta dscription is must unique to identify your website.

10. Back Links.
Create Backlinks for your website: which means add your website link on your their website or write articles on your website and publish it on another website, this will help Google to fetch your content fast. back-links also give you a way to show the search engines how your different pages are connected and drive traffic from one page on the website to another.

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