Bug Bounty is a bid made by a company for ethical hackers to test the security of their website and prioritize the error, they get paid. It is a legal way to make money. Each vulnerability found is rewarded with some money called rewards. In short, web application error checking is called bug bounty. The first process is the merit of mistakes in identifying your goal and working on it and after some time if one is able to provide evidence of his weakness, he must submit it in his report and if the report has received a positive response and then depending on the priority of weakness the prize is set.

Hackers Methodology Towards Bug Bounty

  1. Information Gathering 
  2. Mapping the application 
  3. Testing the client-side controls
  4. Testing the login forms, sessions, access controls 
  5. Checking for other vulnerabilities 
  6. Checking the server 
  7. Parameter Checks and Logic Flaws
  8. Mapping the Source Code

There are various online programs that offer Bug Bounty like which of the most popular is Hackerone and Bugcrowd. One can sign up there and start his career in Bug Bounty. 

How to Create Your Account on Hacker one

  Here we have described how you can create your account in hacker one in one minute just follow as given below:

  1. Visit Official Website of Hackerone.com or Click Here 
  2. You Will See Please tell us a bit about yourself. Select as I am a Hacker, 
  3. Enter your details username email and password
  4. click on create account
  5. Done!

How To Make Your Account in Bugcrowd

Bugcrowd’s bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform connects the global security researcher community. 

  1. visit the official website of bugcrowd or click here
  2. Select your account as Researcher
  3. enter your details like username set your password, email, etc
  4. Now click on the Create Account 
  5. Done Happy!