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Fiverr Promoted Gigs

Fiverr Promoted Gigs Pros & Cons


  • It can push your Gig to prime locations in category pages and search results. (which otherwise might not have been noticed by your potential buyers).
  • Help your gigs gain more visibility, and get more orders. (When your gig is visible your chances to get more orders also increases).
  • You get to showcase your talent to your targeted buyers.
  • You only pay once a buyer click. (No click no pay).
  • If you are hardworking and have the right skills, this feature will give a boost to your business.


  • Your will lose money even when your competitors just click on your gigs for fun.
  • Just because your gig ads are visible doesn’t guarantee you will get sales too.
  • Competition will become even more aggressive, sellers with more money will win the race.
  • Seller will either increase the prices of their gig or will make even lesser money.
  • Buyers finding gigs expensive will start looking for other alternative.
  • The competition will mainly held between top rated and level 2 sellers, new sellers will automatically be kicked out from the competition. In other words, sellers with more money will quality for the fiverr paid promotional ad feature

By Shahid Malla

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