Where To Buy cPanel License?

  1. If you have good budget then buy directly from cpnel.net is 100% safe and best, but the cPanel is very expensive from 2019
  2. whmcsreseller.com is one of most trusted providers Shared License Provider and many other but we can’t mention all websites here because we have no profit by sharing someone’s websites on our platform

When Someone Asked: Many peoples in google and Facebook selling nulled or shared Cpanel licenses. Due to this, original sellers or noc providers will not get business. How to prevent this or block this type of license.

This is What cPanel Said: I believe it’s pretty obvious as well when you’re going to purchase a nulled license – don’t ever let someone install software on your server which you’re unfamiliar with and if it sounds too good to be true in a lot of cases it is (when it comes to price)

Other People Also Replied:

Not Possible to block all these types of businesses.
The only way from which we can stop these businesses is not taking from them, if we do not take from them then they will not sell these anymore.
We should always purchase a verified and authorized License from cpanel or any Partner NOC.
Nulled / Cracked License has many issues, many bugs and many security patches, and if we purchase from any person who is selling nulled and if we face any issue then they will not solve but if we purchase original License from Cpanel then Cpanel solve our all issues in just some time, so if you want to run a long time business without any issues always purchase a verified and authorized License from Cpanel.