Combine two wifi connections to get faster internet 
Many times we have more than one active internet connection but we are able to use only one at a time. Even if we try to connect both the internet connection to windows at a time, the OS system automatically selects one connection.we can force windows 7,8 to use both the connections simultaneously. This can be achieved by making a simple change to your settings.
1. Open Network and sharing center in Control panel
2. Go to change the adapter settings.
3. Go to the properties of any of your active internet connections.
4. Select Internet Protocol TCP/IP version 4 , open it's properties and then go to advanced 
5. Uncheck the automatic metric and type '15'.
6. Repeat the same on another internet connection you want to combine.
7. Restart the computer.
That's all then u can enjoy with faster internet.
 What is Bitcoin
It is a digital currency commonly called as decentralized digital currency designed by a Chinese inventor "Satoshi Nakamoto". Bitcoin is a completely virtual currency designed to be self-contained for its value. It was designed in 2009 which uses a technology called as blockchain (a historical recording of all transactions that has occurred) which functions as a public ledger, helping people both send and receive Bitcoin without a centralized oversight system
What are trojan horses 
Trojans are non-self-replicating malware, posing themselves as least innocent and once they get into your system they try downloading other malware's thus explicitly harming your computer. Trojans are aimed at :
1. Gaining complete access over the user's system.
2. Deleting files unnecessarily.
3. Disrupting the user's system over the network.
4. Doing proxy.
5. Crippling down mail servers

What is Worm
A worm is a self-replicating malware which is typically referred to as "payload". A worm can encrypt data, delete data and even fugue data such as passwords, credentials and confidential documents from the victim's machine. W forms are intended to spread into the network and cause as much harm possible to the system through which it passes
A worm identifies the victim machines vulnerabilities and spreads like cancer thus constantly exploring new vulnerabilities