We Hackers Third Eye Kashmir Cyber Security Officially Announce Free Service For Kashmir Division Free Website Security Monitoring, Website Migration , Hosting Renewal and Domain Renewal For State Jammu and Kashmir

Free hosting and domain
Free hosting and domain

Why We Offer Free?

For all the people of Kashmir, who’s online business has been stopped. We are providing free hosting, vps and domain renewal,  for all the kashmiri’s until the internet service isn’t restored. It’s the Least we can do for our Kashmiri People. Just call us, get connected with us and we will support you every way. 

We can Understand that kashmiri people can’t make their payment for services and there is high risk for losing domain name and data. 

ElySpace.com is Kashmir based web hosting company, so we decided to help kashmiris to offer free services until the internet service isn’t restored,

What Hackers Third Eye and ElySpace Offer?

Hackers Third Eye

you know team hackers third eye is a cyber security group who offers website and servers security widely, today kashmir is lockdown and the kashmiri are unable access internet and they can’t update their website so the security risk will increase day by day when they are not able to manage and update their websit , if don’t get updated at right time then website can be hack-able

Hackers Third Eye Offer Under LockDown

  1. We Offer Website Security Free in Kashmir Sate
  2. We Offer Free Website Monitoring Service
  3. We Offer Free Website Management
  4. Web Offer Free Server management.
  5. We Can Renew Free Your Services

ElySpace Offer Under LockDown

  1. Our clients from Kashmir division will get automatically Free renewal and the service will not be suspended
  2. Domain Renewal: your domain will be renew automatically where you don’t need to make payment.
  3. For those who purchased hosting and domain from other service providers can migrate their website free on ElySpace.com
  4. If you purchased a domain name from other service providers you can transfer it free on ElySpace.com
  5. VPS for VPS server you can get free VPS server untill Cerfew will not Left in Kashmir. 
  6. Dedicated server is not available. So if your website is hosted on dedicated server so you can take vps until our dedicated server comes in stock. 
Webhostingkashmir.com and thehostz.com also offer as Partner of HTE.

Phone number: +91 6005734534


Message: We Request Kashmir Without Worry Keep Safe Your Online Business With No Charges. We have thousands of clients from widely. If You think that we are not Renew Your Domain name and Hosting then we are here to help you Free.

Warning: Don not accept calls from unknown numbers who will ask you login or otp details and do not share your password or other serious data with third party Our Offical Numbers are mentioned here and official websites hackersthirdeye or elyspace

Our Official Number:

+91 6005734534